Dr. Boyce Watkins – “22 Reasons The Democratic Party Offends Me As a Black Man” (EXCERPTS)

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

November 3rd, 2020

“This has to do with why the Democratic party offends me as a black man.

“And so – so you know,  so I decided, I said you know what, I’m gonna go ahead and lay out just literally 22…

“So let me go ahead and just lay it out. I’m just gonna lay it out in as honest of a way as I possibly can, and we’ll just kinda get crackin’.

Give me a yes or no, by the way.

Do you also feel that there are things about the Democratic Party that don’t – that just don’t sit well with your values as a black person? Am I alone?

“Either way, I’m not gonna shame you or chastise you for your opinion. I think that the goal really is to figure out what our opinions are gonna be as black people and how we can make the right decisions, you know, across the board.

1. Number one, I’m not into LGBT issues. You can love who you want, but that’s your business. That’s not my business. I don’t care who you’re havin’ sex with. I don’t need you puttin’ it in my face, I don’t need you talkin’ to my kids about it. I need you to just be you and I’m gonna be me and that’s just what it’s gonna be. If I decide I’m watching something on TV, and like I was watchin’ Lovecraft Country, and they had some pretty interesting scenes, I’ll just say that. I didn’t wanna look at that, and I’m not interested in you labeling me or calling me a dirty name, you know, you’re homophobic, you’re this, this and this just because I don’t wanna see it. I just don’t wanna see it. No differently from the way, you know, a mom wouldn’t want her child to see a man pull out his penis in a TV show. I just didn’t wanna see it.

2. Number two, abortion. Abortion really makes me uncomfortable because it really feels like we just killed a baby and they seem to want to kill black babies the most. I do believe the stories and the conversations about Margaret Sanger. I think that that’s an issue that they have yet to really deal with. I think that it took them forever to really even acknowledge that Margaret Sanger was a racist whose goal was black extermination. I participated – I gave a young lady a ride to an abortion clinic, and it made me sick to my stomach that I even participated, even on a microscopic level in a process that was – that really felt to me very uncomfortable, disgusting, demonic almost. I just – I can’t do this, you know, ’cause I have – you know, my girls have had babies, you know, my daughter had a couple kids, my goddaughter’s gonna have a baby, my sister-in-law’s about to have a baby, and when they’re pregnant, I don’t see those babies as just little blobs in their stomach. I see them as people. And so abortion doesn’t sit well with me. I’m not one that’s gonna go out and fight anybody about it or tell you can’t do it. It’s just I don’t want any part in it and I’m not gonna talk about an abortion like it’s not a big deal. It’s a very big deal. I mean, you are ending a life, and so you’ve gotta thing that through. It’s not as simple as just getting a procedure or just healthcare. It’s not just basic healthcare. It’s literally terminating a person’s life. That’s how I feel, but it’s my right to feel that way, and that’s what it is.

3. Number Three, you know, the liberals get all real caught up in building a wall with Mexico like that’s the end of the world. I don’t [care] about building a wall in Mexico. I just don’t [care]. I don’t care. I’m not Mexican. Stop telling me that Trump building a wall is the same as being racist. No it’s not. There’s a difference between a black person and a Mexican. It doesn’t mean that Mexicans don’t deserve rights. Mexican people should fight for that, right. If you’re Mexican and that offends you, then that’s your fight. That’s not my fight. I get tired of liberals pulling me into their fights. Don’t pull me into your damn fights. Fight your own damn fights. So buildin’ a wall with Mexico, I don’t [care]. It does not matter. Also I have no issue with closed borders because as Powernomics and Dr. Claude Anderson teaches, immigration was always used to water down black power, to water down the black vote, to water down black economics, jobs, opportunities, resources. They can’t even give you reparations because now they’re talkin’ about tryin’ to do all this stuff for illegal immigrants. If they simply took the money they spend on illegal immigrants and gave that money to black people for reparations, we would be doin’ well. We’d be able to reconcile the issues that happened in this country, but you can’t take care of the issues in this country because you’re taking care of people from other countries. I’m not a fan of any of that, and I’m not gonna let you shame me into thinking different.

4. Number 4. I see the MeToo movement as a threat to the safety of black men who can be accused of anything by anyone and end up being raped in prison for the next 20 years because somebody decided to tell a lie. As a black man, I have seen black people get falsely accused of things. I have seen black men, I’ve seen brothers, due to a false accusation that wasn’t clearly proven, where they were thown in front of a kangaroo court, where justice was not served. They go to prison. They get beaten, they get raped, they come home with AIDS, they come home with mental illness, and these are our fathers, these are our husbands, these are the leaders in our community, these – you’ve destroyed some of our most valuable assets. I’m not down with that, I’m not voting for hat, I’m not supporting that.

“I don’t believe in hashtags like believe women. I think those are basically white female supremacist hashtags because you’re basically saying that if you have a vagina and you say something, then that makes it automatically true. I don’t think a vagina is a barometer of truth. I think that a person can own a vagina and still tell a lie. So this fact that you just believe that anything that comes out of a woman’s mouth when it comes to accusing a man of something should automatically be believed. That defies my logic, that does not sit well with me, so the MeToo movement I think was an epic failure, and it failed to do something that was really important, which was to get justice for women who’d been legitimately harmed by men. Instead, you turned it into a terrorist tactic where anybody who disagreed with you is gonna be severely punished, and I think that that’s gonna backfire on you. I really do.

5. Number 5. I don’t consider COVID to be the leading threat to black people since it’s surpassed by things like shootings, diabetes, heart disease and Popeye’s chicken. So you know, a few months ago, I got into that whole back and forth over record labels promoting Lizzo and promoting this obesity, you know, as a good thing, like telling black people that its’ great to be obese, being fat is a wonderful thing, that’s body positivity, and anybody who says different is fat shaming, slut shaming or whatever shaming. And then a few months later, you’re complaining because white people are dying from COVID when really the direct relationship is right there in front of your face that people who are obese, people who do have heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and all these other things are more likely to die from COVID.

“So one minute you’re telling me to cheer when you’re telling people to position themselves to be vulnerable to COVID, and then you’re getting mad because I stand up and I say I told you so, I warned you about this, and you don’t wanna hear that. So accountability isn’t very popular in the community, and I don’t consider COVID to be the number one source of – number one threat to black people. Most black people I know who died did not die from COVID. I do know some older people who died and things like that. I know that that’s very, very real, but I think that that fear is artificially manufactured. I feel like they created that fear because it’s an election year. So it’s an election year so they create fear, they create fear in an election year. That’s what they’ve done to make this seem like it’s the biggest, scariest thing in the world that you should react to when there’s a thousand things that we’ve been talkin’ about for years happening right here in the city of Chicago as far as black children bein’ murdered every single week. And when we sounded the alarm on that, nobody listened. Nobody talks about that, but everybody wants to talk about COVID. If you ain’t gonna talk about that, then don’t talk about COVID. If you’re gonna talk about COVID, then you need to talk about that.

6. Number 6. I’m not happy about the Biden crime bill and the fact that he sends 100,000 or more black people who were exterminated or stuck in prison. Many of these people are still in jail right now. I know that we get caught up in individual killings and individual shootings and everything else because everyone gets emotional about it, and I totally get that, but that’s not nearly as significant as the 100,000 people or more who’ve been traumatized, who really deserve reparations for receiving extraordinarily long prison sentences under the Biden-Clinton crime bill. These are real lives and these are real people that are still in prison right now, that are still struggling and still suffering right now because of policies that people put in place.

“…By the way, I know sometimes comments like this, especially with the heightened emotion of the election season, it’s gonna cause a couple things, right. One, some of the people who were my friends are not gonna wanna be my friends anymore, so if you don’t wanna be my friend anymore because of what some white guy said, then that’s cool. I’d rather replace you with a real friend anyway who – where I can express myself and still be loved, so that’s the first thing. Second thing is I’m sure that there’s gonna be trolling. What happens when black men use our voice, because the Democratic Party has pushed black men to the side and marginalized us and tried to turn us into a pack of hoes, there are people that will do everything they can to try to shame and discredit and attack you.

“That’s a standard political strategy they’ve used for a long time, and that’s a strategy they use when they can’t debate with you, they can’t explain why you’re wrong, they can’t provide alternative facts and information that will undermine the point. They just come and they call you names or they say, oh, you’re a Trump supporter, they make a meme of you wearing a MAGA hat, like the deal with Ice Cube where they Photoshopped the Trump hat on his head because he actually went to go talk to Trump. Those are pimp techniques [break in audio] person does. That’s what evil – evil – evil, like, political parties do. That’s basically a type of bullying that they’ve used for hundreds of years. They’ve always done this. So just know – just when you see these tactics, just kinda know what they are so when somebody does it, you know, they say, oh, you know, Dr. Boyce is a Trump supporter, you know, that idea that I’m a Trump supporter because I’m not down with their Democratic [stuff], again, you just say, oh, well, this is a tactic that we know you guys like to use but just know it doesn’t work over here because we can see right through it.

7. [Number 7?] Here’s what else is there on the list. I don’t believe that Kamala Harris or Barack Obama truly represent the black community. I know both of them, if you look at their family origins, their family origins are all over the place. Neither one of them had the black experience that I had. Barack with his white mama growin’ up in Hawaii is not the same as a black kid in the hood growin’ up in south side of Chicago. I don’t care what any – how anybody wants to twist it and shape it into whatever they want. And I don’t relate to that guy. You know, I see him as an actor. I see him as a guy who knows how to relate to me because he studied people like me, but I don’t think deep down in his heart and soul he relates to me.

“Kamala Harris, her mama’s Indian, her daddy’s a Jamaican guy who talks about how his family owned slaves. I don’t see Kamala as being me. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a right to do whatever, but I really wonder if she’s, like, maybe even in that Rachel Dolezal category where you have a lotta people of Indian descent who will lie on their application, you know, and say that they’re black so they can get a scholarship. There’s plenty of articles out there if you go look it up ’cause I was, like, why would she go to an HBCU and do all this black stuff if that wasn’t really her thing. And I’m not sayin’ that she was fakin’ it the whole time. I’m saying that there’s a big incentive there, there’s a big financial incentive to lie and pretend to be black. A lotta people like to pretend to be black except for when it gets real.

“Like, when they’re dealin’ with the real struggles of blackness, they don’t want no parts of that, right. So – but when it comes to the cool stuff about bein’ black, like wearin’ Timberlands and rappin’ and goin’ to an HBCU and gettin’ a scholarship, you know, by tellin’ ’em that you’re African American, I think that that’s where people wanna get onboard. But when it comes to the hard conversations about blackness, like if you ask Kamala Harris what about reparations, you know, when I poll you guys, when I survey you guys – I survey. Remember, you know, my master’s is in statistics, so I like data. I like information. So when I survey you and I say what are your top issues, what do you care about the most, very few of you say I wanna know what Kamala Harris’ favorite rapper is. Most of you say I want reparations. Like, they owe us money. Like, they need to go ahead and pay up that reparations check or they need to supply some resources. Don’t tell us how much you love us, don’t tell us black lives matter, don’t go take the streets, whatever, ’cause you’re just [mess]in’ up the street. Just make sure you pay what you owe. If you can’t pay what you owe, then we don’t need to have a conversation.

“And that’s where I’m at. I’m at a point where I wanna have real discussions. I don’t wanna have these fake conversations where I’m gonna vote for you just ’cause I like you. I wanna vote for you because you’re really in this with me. People that are in this with me are the people that I’ll support. If you’re not in this with me, then I’m not gonna support you. So by you refusing to even say the word reparations, you’re saying to me I’m not in this with you, right. Or when you say I’m not doin’ nothin’ specifically for black folks, which is actually what Kamala said, then fine, I’m not doin’ nothin’ specifically for Kamala. You’re not doin’ nothin’ specifically for black folks, then I’m not doin’ nothin’ specifically for you. You’re askin’ me to specifically go to the polls and specifically vote for you, but you tellin’ me you won’t specifically do anything for me, well, why do you think I’m supposed to do somethin’ specifically for you but you won’t do anything specifically for me? Anybody who disagrees with that logic, unfortunately, they’re white supremacists. Because only a white supremacist would say that you should do something specifically for the white establishment, but they shouldn’t feel obligated to do something specifically for you. So I’ll just say this. I don’t go for that ’cause it sounds to me a lot like [bull]. It sounds pretty stupid to me, honestly, but anyway, let’s keep goin’.

8. Number 8?] Let’s keep goin’ down the list.

“I consider inner city shootings to be as serious as police shootings, and I wanna solve both problems at the same time. I think police shootings are a big deal. I think that we should do everything we can to stop people from being shot by the cops, but there’s less than 50 unarmed black men per year that are killed by the police. It’s well below 50. There’s 40 million black people. There’s hundreds of thousands of black men in prison. Why don’t we go get the men outta prison and then after that also deal with the police shootings? Why don’t we go save the 100,00 and then go after the 50? Why we gotta focus on the 50 and ignore the 100,000? That doesn’t make sense to me.

“Also, when you talk about all the shootings in the hood, how come in the same week one guy gets shot and everybody’s talkin’ about that one guy because CNN is talkin’ about it, but I can come out and I can say, you know, 87 people got shot in Chicago this week, and that’s Chicago alone. That doesn’t include Los Angeles, it doesn’t include Houston, it doesn’t include New York City, it doesn’t include Philadelphia, it doesn’t include Nashville, it doesn’t include Detroit, it doesn’t include all the cities _____. It’s just Chicago alone and nobody cares. Literally crickets. Well, the reason that you have crickets on the big stuff but loud noise on the little stuff is because the little stuff is being controlled by white media that decides what little stuff they wanna focus on and they focus on ignoring the big stuff.

“And if you wanna know why you don’t actually get any real progress in the community is because you’re letting people lead the conversation who don’t have your best interest at heart. So they’ll focus all day on the little stuff and ignore the big stuff and then you wonder why the big stuff does not get solved. This is logic. Some people are not logical thinkers. Some people are not strategic thinkers. Logic – overly emotional people are just gonna be emotional. They’re just gonna get mad. They’re gonna say how dare you, you Trump supporter, you son of a [gun], what’s wrong with you, right. When really, you know, the logical thinkers are gonna say, yeah, that does make sense. Why would I focus on the little stuff and not the big stuff?

“Like when Alicia is upstairs and she tells the kids to clean the kitchen and, you know, if the kids – if one of the kids stays in their bedroom and says, “Well, I dusted off this little spot on my table, you know, I’ve got a table in my room and I dusted this little spot,” she says, “No, I need you to clean the kitchen. I need you to wash the dishes, I need you to wipe off the counters, I need you to sweep the floor.” And they say, “No, no, no, but I focused – I cleaned this little spot all day for an hour. I was rubbin’ this little spot, and so I did do a lotta cleaning.” She’s gonna say, “What are you talkin’ about? The house is still a mess because you’re not focusing on the house. You’re focusing on one little tiny thing instead of focusing on the big thing I asked you to focus on.”

“So ultimately when it comes to blackness, I think that they play dumb, they play blind, deaf, dumb and stupid, and I’m not stupid enough to go for that. So I’m not – so this is why the Democratic Party does not relate to me. Does not mean it can’t relate to you. It does not mean that you can’t still be a Democrat. Does not mean you shouldn’t vote for who you wanna vote for. My God, you should just do whatever you wanna do. I want you to go do that. Just know I’m not joining you. I’m not gonna validate something that doesn’t deserve validation in my opinion. What else?

9. [Number 9?] I don’t believe that immigration is the same as – I don’t believe that illegal immigration is the same as legal immigration. I also think that mass immigration has been bad for the black community. In Powernomics, Dr. Claude Anderson explains how black people used to be 40 or 50 percent of the population and that they established immigration quotas where they specifically said that the darker you are, the less people from your country we want in your country. If you’re white, if you’re Irish or […] whatever, or you’re from, you know, England, then you can immigrate all day, but if you’re dark, if you’re from Africa, they actually said we want zero Africans comin’ to this country, and they did not lift that till about the 1960s or something like that. So basically a lot of your voting power and your economic power was diluted because of mass immigration. That’s why it makes it harder for you to make your claim on reparations.

10. [Number 10?] And the reason the Democratic Party offends me is because they’re able to go and convince millions of black people to pressure each other, to do slave pressure on each other, overseer pressure on each other to vote against our interests. And so what I encourage you to do is be logical. Follow your own instinct. If somethin’ doesn’t make sense to you and you don’t think something is helping you, then don’t support somethin’ that’s not helping you just because they told you to get your booty to the poll or if you don’t vote you don’t count or your ancestors died for you to vote or if you don’t vote you don’t have a right to complain. No, I’m gonna […] complain if I want to. Like, don’t tell me what I have a right to do. I spent 400 years fighting against people who wanted to take away my rights, so I did not fight white people takin’ away my rights just so I can have black people takin’ away my rights ’cause that’s what you have.

11. [Number 11?] You have – you spent all this time fightin’ white people who took away all your rights. Now you’ve got black people who wanna take away your rights. You don’t vote, you don’t have a right to complain. No, maybe voter – maybe abstinence is my strategy, right. Abstinence is a strategy in sex. Maybe somebody says, you know, since the person I’m dating isn’t any good, I’m not gonna have sex with them, but I’m also not gonna have sex with this other person. I’m gonna abstain until I find somebody who’s worth me having sex with. In Congress, when the Democrats were mad at the Republicans for confirming Amy Coney Barrett, the Democrats were supposed to vote. They were supposed to show up and vote for the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett. Well, guess what they did? They abstained. They stepped away and said, you know what, we’re not gonna legitimate this process because we feel it’s illegitimate. We’re not gonna participate because by our participation, we’re making you falsely believe that we agree with what’s goin’ on. So in order to make sure that you’re clear that we don’t support this, we’re walkin’ away from the table, right.

“So anybody who tries to tell you that abstaining is not a strategy, I encourage you to have them – just tell them to go to the political science literature, literature that was written by professors at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Northwestern University, and read up on the use of voter abstinence as a viable political strategy. Just remember that they’re gonna tell you it doesn’t matter. They’re gonna tell you that it’s not a strategy because it doesn’t benefit them to be honest with you. Their goal is to take advantage of slave thinking, like slave thinkers are stupid, so we’re just gonna tell you that if you don’t vote, I mean, you act like they’re gonna pay attention to you if you don’t vote. Well, no, they’re gonna always pay attention because they’re always tryin’ to get votes. And here’s the thing. It costs – did y’all know it cost $6 billion to run for president this year. This is the most expensive election cycle in American history. It cost $6 billion to run for president. The Congressional races all collected a combined total of $7 billion. So it cost about $14 billion – 7.5 plus 6.5 – about $14 billion to run for all these offices that are out here.

“Now, why does that – how does that work? How does that work? Let me break down the money situation for you. The money comes from big donors who vote with their dollar bills. So they may not have a lot of votes, they may not have the numbers to sway the vote, but they have the numbers to sway the economics, which ultimately sways the vote. In the nation of Islam, what they found was that the vast majority of the largest donors to both the Democrat and Republican Parties, to both parties actually came from the Jewish community, which is about 1.4 percent of the population. So this tiny group of people that had focused on their economics, that have done a wonderful job with that, I mean, God bless them for that. This is not anti-Semitic on any level, but this small group of people that is a very small percentage of the population that don’t have very many votes literally use their economic power to gain political power.

“How do they do that? Well, they support the candidates. They put the money into the candidate’s pockets and they say, okay, candidate, you now have $1 billion from us. Take that $1 billion and I want you to go market to black people and control black people and get them to vote. Go pay the negro overseers, go find the Angela _____ and the Rollin Martins and make sure that they’re good, and get them to go and put pressure on their people to show up and vote, so we’re gonna do an ad called get your booty to the polls. We’re gonna do another ad called if you don’t vote you don’t count. We’re gonna get another ad with two black men that are rappin’ and playin’ basketball so they can convince black men to show up and vote. And we’re not gonna give ’em any reason to vote. We’re not gonna talk about anything that benefits them because after you finish takin’ care of the billionaires, you ain’t got nothin’ left over to do to take care black people, right, so you’re not gonna take care of black people ’cause you’re too busy takin’ care of the billionaires. But we’re gonna really make them feel because they’re not very smart, we’re gonna make them feel that they have to vote just because, that voting is just the coolest thing to do, that is what you have to do, and that if you don’t vote, then there’s something wrong with you, you’re not supposed to ask for anything. If you ask for something, then something’s wrong with you. If you ask for something, then they’re gonna call them, they’re gonna attack them, they’re gonna call them Trump supporters, they’re gonna do whatever.

“As long as they can pressure them into acting without asking for anything, so we’re gonna engage in what they talk about in Powernomics as the doctrine of unequal exchange. The doctrine of unequal exchange is how rich people get rich and poor people stay poor. So the doctrine of unequal exchange plays a part here where we’re giving them something valuable, which is our vote. Our vote is valuable. When they tell you your vote has value, it really does. We’re givin’ ’em something of value, they’re givin’ us nothing. So then when the politician gets elected, because they used the billions of dollars to go market to black people, to get our booties to the polls so that we will go put their politicians in office, the first people they take care of are not the people that voted for them. They take care of the billionaires that gave them the money to go and market to black people to get them to vote.

“That’s why, for example, if you look in the history of Biden, one of the things that Biden did that was really interesting – I didn’t know this somebody brought this to – Alicia brought this to my attention. This is why it’s great to have a smart black woman next to you. She’s a full professor of social work, so she’s really smart. She’s also an expert on the subconscious mind and she’s also deep into metaphysics. So if I ever sound very metaphysical, just know I got it from her. I got it from my woman. And one of the things that she mentioned to me, and I didn’t really know the details on this, but did you all know that if you declare bankruptcy – you probably know this, but you didn’t know that. So let me explain what this and that is. This is that you probably know that if you declare bankruptcy, you cannot write off your student loans. How many of you know that? Give me a yes or no in the chat if you know that if you declare bankruptcy, you cannot write off your student loans. You can write off all your other debts, but your student loans cannot be wiped off in a bankruptcy. Did you know that? Okay, yes or no.

12. [Number 12? Student Loans] All right, so a lot of you knew this, some of you didn’t. Well, that’s true. Do you know where that came from? Do you know where that came from? Go look it up. Go Google it. I put the article on my Facebook page. Joe Biden actually pushed for that. Joe Biden had received a lotta money from these banks and other lending institutions, and when he got this money, he pushed through – he was one of the most vocal supporters of a bill that pushed through the legislation that made sure that you can’t escape your student loans no matter what. And so I didn’t – you know, I was really concerned about the crime bill. I didn’t know about this other thing. So here’s the thing that’s interesting. If you study black wealth the way I study, I study in extreme detail. I dedicate my life to the racial wealth gap. Like, that’s literally the thing I think about every single day of my life. The racial wealth gap is actually growing largely because of student loans. I don’t know if y’all know that. Student loans are one of the leading reasons, if not the leading reason that the black wealth gap has actually grown over time because a lotta you – half of all black college graduates default on their student loans. Did you know this?

“Most black college graduates don’t ever finish school, so there’s a lotta people who start and they never even get started but they get the debt. You might know people like this, right, but they have these really expensive overpriced private universities that go into the hood and they recruit students and they say, oh, well, we’ll give you the $30,000 it costs to take these classes. Just sign here. So they sign here, some of them never finish, never even start the program, but they have the debt, so boom, you’re done, you’re outta the economic game. Now you’ve got $30,000 in debt that you’ll never repay so you’re gonna give up hope and you’re never able to really engage in the wealth-building process.

“Then you have a lotta people that go to college. Remember, I was a college professor for 27 years, so I now this very well. You go to college and you are on campus for a year or two, maybe somethin’ happens, you drop out, maybe you get pregnant, whatever, but half of the students – the black students who start college never graduate, but the majority of those students who never graduate go home with debt. They go home with debt and a limited ability to repay that debt. So who are the best off in this category? Well, then you have those who actually graduate, and so black college graduates have more student loan debt than almost anybody else. Half of the graduates can’t even pay the debt. Half of the people who graduate. Now, these are your most talented people. These ae your talented _____. These are the black people that are supposed to get us out of the hole. These are the black elite with letters behind their name, all kinds of bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, JD, PhD, LLM, whatever. And these individuals are buried in debt, and many of them die in debt. Many of them default on their debt. Their credit gets ruined because they default on their debt and they can’t get away from that debt because of what Joe Biden pushed for in that bill.

“This does not mean I’m tellin’ you Joe Biden is the devil all the time or that he’s never done anything good in his life. I’m not here to say that. He’s certainly better than Donald Trump, right.

“So if you’re gonna vote, if you wanna lay things on the table for real, in certain areas, as far as, like, being presidential or just being, like, a nice guy, Joe Biden is a nicer guy, he’s more presidential than Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s rough around the edges, he’s a bit of a narcissist, he’s also a racist just like Biden is. You’re pickin’ between two racists, and I’m not gonna play that game. But you know, Biden is a little more presidential, right. But here’s the problem. The deeper problem for me as a black man is that I cannot relate to a lot of the policies that exist on the left. So let me keep goin’.

13. [Number 13?] Let me keep reading down the list.

“All right, so here’s what else. Here’s what else I put on the list, and I put it on my Instagram. My Instagram’s therealboycewatkins. I don’t wake up worried that the Proud Boys are going to show up at my house and kill me. I can’t even think of 100 black people that the Proud Boys have killed in the last two years. I see them as a phantom threat designed to scare me, and I don’t scare easily. You know, and here’s the reason that that’s a problem. Rather than delivering tangibles, rather than delivering reparations, rather than doing things that are substantive, they present these phantom threats and they say, you know, Trump told the Proud Boys to stand back and stand down. And I hear people say that, but the Proud Boys – I haven’t seen any mass murders by the Proud Boys. And a lotta times what will is – and I talked about this in terms of dimensions – they go to higher dimensions with you where they talk about not what’s here. They talk about what could be. They’re always saying, but the Proud Boys could do it or they could come kill you or they might do it, right. And it’s like I don’t wanna hear about what they might do, what they could do, what you think that they’re thinkin’ about doin’. I wanna look at what they’ve actually done and what they’re doin’ right now.

“Because remember that when you’re making that trade, that doctrine of unequal exchange where you’re giving up something valuable and they’re giving you something of no value, that a lotta times they will deflect from core meaningful issue to get you to focus on a nothing burger, right. A nothing burger like the Proud Boys are gonna get their AK-47s and go start murdering black people. But that’s a nothing burger because they haven’t done that. They haven’t – the Proud Boys spend most of their time tryin’ to defend themselves and explain that they’re not racist and they bring their black members up. They say, look, here’s Tyrone. He’s black, he’s with us, he’s – you know, and so I’m not so concerned about the fact that they don’t like the Proud Boys or consider them to be a problem.

“I’m more concerned about the fact that when you ask them about something meaningful like how do we get $500 billion to black-owned businesses so we can create thousands of jobs in our community, they’ll say we’re not gonna do that, but we gonna protect you from the Proud Boys. Well, no, give us the money and we’ll go buy some guns, and if the Proud Boys wanna step up, then we can get down like that. We’re not children. We can defend ourselves. And again, I don’t relate to that as a black man because I don’t need protection from liberal white people in order to feel safe. I don’t need any of that. I protect my family. I can protect my community. I can get together with a buncha other brothers. You know, I’m – you know, my friend Willie D, you know, Willie D, we – if I call up Willie and say, “Hey, man, look, this is about to go down, I need some black men that are gonna really stand with me.” I’ll call Willie D, maybe call my friend David Banner and some other guys and we’ll come together and we’ll be fine. We don’t need protection. So the heterosexual black male does not relate to this whole protectionist sort of mindset. So again, maybe the Democratic Party is – maybe if you’re gay or if you’re LGBT, maybe the party’s for you if you’re into those rights. If you are a weak man, then maybe that’s for you. If you are a woman who really feels super oppressed and feels like black men are just filled with toxic masculinity, they can provide no value to you. Or maybe you’re a woman who dates a woman, then maybe the party’s for you. But black men who are, you know, who just wanna be able to do things on their own, there’s a lot happening there that really alienates us.

14. [Number 14?] So let me keep goin’. What else? Some other reasons why the Democratic Party is not – doesn’t relate to me. I consider the creation of Black Lives Matter to be an LGBT front organization designed to profit from the suffering of black people in order to pursue a broader leftist agenda. Black Lives Matter told on themselves. If you go to the website, basically up until maybe two or three weeks ago when they started to try to be mainstream, when they realized people were callin’ them out, they were very clear about exactly who they are and what they wanna do. They were clear that they wanna dismantle the nuclear family. Well, that’s completely in contradiction to what I believe in. I wanna build the nuclear family. They were very clear that transgender issues and homophobia type stuff was like their top priority. That’s not my top priority. So it does not mean I’m dissing them. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t say they don’t have a right to say what they wanna say and be who they wanna be. I believe in freedom. I believe in freedom of speech, thought, expression, all of that, but don’t try to pull me into your agenda as if your agenda is my agenda. Don’t try to hijack me and pull me away from where I am and who I am and where I need to be focused so I can focus on what you need me to focus on, right. If I’m workin’ on my own business, don’t pull me over and have me workin’ the cash register at your McDonald’s franchise. I wanna go – I wanna do what – I wanna do me. You do you; I’m gonna do me. I’m not gonna fight you about it, but I’m gonna have to call it out.

“So a lotta times – and this is what happens a lotta times when you’re not very politically intelligent, which fortunately I think the political intelligence of the black community has gone up. Does not mean black votes are not available. Millions of black votes are always available. My vote is available, but my vote is for sale. My vote is for sale to the highest bidder. Whichever party delivers something that’s substantive and real, then I say, okay, you know what, I’ll vote for you because we really need that and I appreciate the fact that you’re doing that. Doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat, Republican or Independent. I’m gonna hear you out. I have no loyalty to any party until that party has earned my loyalty. That’s how you switch from the doctrine of unequal exchange to a doctrine of equal exchange to a doctrine of quid pro quo, which is built on a fundamental type of self-respect that unfortunately we’re not taught as black people, we’re not taught to be able to feel comfortable saying take care of me and I’m gonna take care of you. Everything you want me to do for you, I just need you to do the same for me. We’re taught to believe that somehow that that’s too radical or that that’s bad or that something’s wrong with you or that you’re a bad person, when really that’s actually human nature. That’s what everyone else does. Every other community does that, but for some reason we’re still stuck in that kinda slave thing, and it is what it is.

15. [Number 15?] What are some other reasons why I don’t relate to the Democratic Party? I don’t think my Christian mother’s homophobic just because she believes in her Bible. I became very offended when they – I don’t even go to church, but I was very offended when they kept callin’ the black church homophobic and they were bringing black commentators on TV to reiterate that white liberal talking point. To me, if they wanna speak their nonsense, let them speak their nonsense, but you don’t have to co-sign on that just because MSNBC’s givin’ you a paycheck. A lot of our scholars have been wussified and wimpified and whitified and everything else to the point where I think they forget where their loyalty needs to lie. So I guess it’s fine. I mean, if you’ve got a job at Duke University and they’re payin’ you a good salary, then go ahead and take care of Duke, but don’t try to sorta do double-speak. Don’t try to be a double agent like, oh, I’m really advocating for the black community. No, you’re working for those white people. They’re paying your bills so maybe that’s where your attention should be. And I think clarity is really – really what I think we should seek out. It doesn’t mean that I need you to change who you are. I just need to know who you are so you can’t pretend to me that you’re something other than what you are and still get my support.

16. [Number 16?] I also – I’m not comfortable with Cardi B teaching little girls how to sell WAP for money when they’re in the second grade. I get disgusted as a parent when I turn on TikTok and I see stuff on TikTok that should not be on TikTok. You should not have [grown] women twerkin’ on TikTok or talkin’ about sellin’ their vagina for a Gucci bag. I think that the fundamental principle that I believe, maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I believe in teaching little black girls that what they have to offer is very precious, that the womb of the black woman is one of the most sacred locations in the history of this earth, that gods and goddesses, kings and queens come from your womb. So some – so people should not have easy access to that. Your access to your womb should not be sold for a Gucci bag. So I’m not a fan of that. I don’t consider that to be body positivity. I don’t consider that to be free sexual expression when she’s talkin’ about all the things she can do, you know, all the things she can put in her mouth in a bedroom and she’s rappin’ this over a song and a seven-year-old is hearing that because I think that that – I believe in cause and effect. I’m very good at seeing cause and effect, and I believe that there is a connection between sexualizing little girls at the age of seven and then what happens to them when they get 12, 13, 14 years old, when R Kelly’s rollin’ through the neighborhood with some ice cream cones in one pocket and $25 in the other and he’s up there pickin’ up chicks and these little girls are in the seventh grade and they think they’re grown enough for a grownup relationship. So you’re setting your children up for exploitation when you sexualize ’em, you’re molesting their minds with inappropriate content, and when they’re in the first, second or third grade, I’m not a fan of that. I’m not gonna say anybody else can’t do what they’re gonna do, but when it comes to me and my kids, I’m not gonna support that. I’m not gonna be dumb enough to vote for policies or ideologies that support things that I feel are in my – are directly against my interest as a father, as a black man, as a human being.

17. [Number 17?] So next, I believe that black fathers – this is another reason I don’t relate to the Democratic Party. I believe that black fathers are an essential part of the home. When I saw Black Lives Matter said their goal was to dismantle the nuclear family and I hear people talk about toxic masculinity, I hear people promoting – they tend to promote, like if you look at Kamala Harris, she’s married to a white man. You know, even what’s-his-name, Candace Owens is married to a white man. I see all these sorts of things happening that are almost this idea that’s being subtly shared to say that the black man is a miserable failure, that you must give up on the black man because if you support the black man, you’re on the losing team. The winning team is to get next to a rich white guy like Kamala so you can run for president or to go date another woman because everybody’s gay now, everybody wants to date the same gender, or maybe men wanna become women or whatever. I think that the heterosexual masculine black male is extremely important. I think alpha males matter. I think that the strong black men are the ones who protect and defend the community.

“The reason your community’s not defended, the reason that so much predatory behavior occurs is because you have a defenseless community, and it’s also why I think Joe Biden feels very comfortable and only working through black women and not even acknowledging black men. The whole situation with Ice Cube, the reason that situation with Ice Cube was so offensive to so many people is because they’re not used to black men speaking up. They’re used to believin’ that – they’re used to being political slumlords. As political slumlords, they believe that they are monitoring and controlling and managing a fatherless community that does not have any men. So when Ice Cube steps up and says not only am I challenging you, not only am I demanding quid pro quo, me and my team of black men – Ice Cube didn’t do it by himself – he had a lotta scholars in his back that we weren’t the guys on TV, but he was talkin’ to all of us. I had many conversations with Cube. Many other guys had conversations with Cube. Brilliant black male scholars and some women as well had conversations with Cube, and Cube went up there with an army of black people who said we demand something in exchange for our vote.

“So when that black man appears and says, wait, I’m usin’ all this power you gave me through your entertainment systems, your hip-hop music that’s typically used to exploit black people, I’m actually gonna use that power to empower black people. He was no different from some of the groups in other countries where the US government would fund them with weapons and money and then they would turn those missiles back on the United States. So he’s basically taking the missiles that they gave him because they thought he was gonna shut up and wrap or shut up and dribble or just sit around and just be a rich guy who was detached from the community, and he’s literally flipped that back on into their face. And that, I think, was very frightening and very disconcerting for them because they’re kinda like, wait a minute, like, you’re not supposed to do this. The black man is not supposed to show up to the game, but when Daddy bust through the door and says, “Daddy’s home, I’m here, I’m in this conversation too,” a lotta people are gonna be offended, but then a lotta people cheered for him, which gives me hope. It lets me know that there is a vast contingent of millions of black people who get everything I’m sayin’, that understand completely what I’m sayin’.

“I did a survey. We have 400,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel. I did a survey and I asked those people – again, these are not typical black people. They tend to be more intelligent, they’re a little more educated, they’re a little more – they have a stronger black identity, so this is not, you know, an average random sample of black people, but they’re mostly black. And I said what do you think about what Ice Cube is doin’? Do you support it or are you against it? Ninety-six percent – 96 percent of you said you supported Ice Cube. So when 96 percent of black people from a specific pocket of the black community, from the intelligent black community, hundreds of thousands of black people, 96 percent say they support Ice Cube, but yet you turn on TV when they’ve got black commentators being paid by white media outlets who are run by the Democratic Party which is supposed to be your friend, and they’re preachin’ a completely different narrative. They’re not even bringing on people who are presenting that 96 percent, then that really speaks to the way the propaganda works. That speaks to the level of misinformation that they thrust on the community.

“So it’s ironic, fascinating to me that one of the first things that they’ll say when they hear from black people like me who have these platforms and other people like a _____ _____ and others who are sharing a narrative that you’re not seeing in mainstream media, one of the things they do is they seek to discredit. Discrediting is a standardized political tactic that is used because politics is a dirty game. So they’ll come in and they’ll say those aren’t real black opinions. Those are Russian bots. That’s misinformation. That’s propaganda, right. So it’s fascinating that the people that are accusing us of misinformation and propaganda are actually using misinformation and propaganda to pursue their agenda. The only reason Ice Cube – pay attention. If you look at his Twitter, and I remember when Cube was goin’ through this, we talked a couple times. Remember, Cube was supposed to go on CNN to talk to Chris Cuomo. When they saw what Cube was gonna be bringin’ to the table and they saw that Cube can actually handle himself in a debate, they canceled that interview abruptly. They said we do not want the masses to hear from a black man who is speaking in this way. This is not gonna benefit us because he’s gonna come in here and he’s gonna change people’s perspective.

“Well, it wasn’t until Cube called out CNN and put it on blast, and I love that because what he basically said is you’re not gonna screw me in the dark. You’re not gonna screw me behind the scenes. I’m gonna tell everybody what’s goin’ on so everybody knows what you’re doin’. That’s when CNN reversed their decision and they brought him on. But then right after they brought him on, they did an old Malcom – Malcolm X warned you about this tactic. Remember, Malcolm X, when he gave that speech, he talked about the house negro and the field negro. He said when the field negro gets outta line and starts revoltin’, they didn’t always kill him. What they would do is they would send an old house negro up behind him, and the house negro’s job was to spread disinformation to undermine the motives and the objectives and the words that the revolting field negro had laid out on the table.

“So right after Ice Cube goes onto Chris Cuomo’s show, right after, literally the very next moment, they bring in Don Lemon. Don Lemon, a hardcore Democrat, he’s very big on the LGBT community, he’s in the community and he supports the community, and also he’s – you know, he’s part of that elite white liberal establishment. He believes in a lotta the same ideas. He immediately goes in and starts to undermine everything Ice Cube had just said, right. So that’s the house negro-field negro approach to kinda solving the black problem because the black problem is one where it says we’ve got these negroes here, they’re all – they’re like a buncha caged animals that we have, and we need the animals so that we can make the circus run. You know, you need the animals so they can carry the water. We need the animals so they can do the field work and pull the plows and all this other stuff. Well, when the animals get outta line, we need a process that’s gonna bring them back in line, so that is part of that process, and that’s what you saw. When you saw Ice Cube go in there and Cuomo had a good conversation with him, and then Don Lemon immediately comes along and spreads disinformation to undercut Ice Cube without even giving him the respect of an interview where they can have a respectful dialog, that’s how misinformation works. That’s how politics gets very dirty.

18. [Number 18?] Other reasons why I don’t relate to the Democratic Party, and actually let me see – I’ll see if I can try to put it on the screen so you can see what we actually saw. You know what, I don’t even have it. But what basically we’re talkin’ about, the reasons why I as a heterosexual black male have to really be clear on why the Democratic Party doesn’t relate to me, I wanted to lay it out because I say things and people get confused and aren’t sure, and people say, well, what do you want us to do, who should we vote for? And I say I don’t wanna do that. I’m not here to tell you who to vote for ’cause I want you to have freedom. I’m not here to complain about the fact that they’re takin’ your freedom and then I’m takin’ your freedom too. I don’t wanna take your freedom. I just wanna lay it out there because I think that we need a clear, concise understanding of exactly what their beliefs are and why many of these beliefs just don’t align with the values of certain black people. So let’s keep goin’.

19. [Number 19?] Also, another reason I don’t align with the Democratic Party is that I’m not a fan of the victim mentality. I don’t believe in that. I believe that when you define yourself to be a victim, you’re guaranteeing that you’re going to be a victim. When you define yourself to be a victim, you’re guaranteeing that you’re going to be a victim. It’s the same reason that, like, studies show, for example, that if you name your child Dennis, they’re more likely to become a dentist. Did you know that? And it’s funny I talk about Dennis ’cause I got my dental work. That’s why I talk a little bit funny now. But literally, if you name your child Dennis, then they’re more likely to become a dentist. If you name your child _____ or Hennessey, then guess what, they’re gonna be thinkin’ about Hennessey. Hennessey has seeped into their subconscious mind, so they’re more likely to drink. But on the contrast, if you name your child King or Queen, then they’re gonna – they’re more likely to engage in kinglike behavior, right.

“So here’s the thing. When you label yourself as a victim and you allow yourself, especially for men, especially for men who are capable, they’re strong and smart, when you let people convince you that your job as a black man is to simply avoid further victimization, they have pretty much stripped you of all your power because you can’t really win a game by just playing defense. You can’t score points on defense all the time. And when you’re labeled as a victim, you’re always on the defensive. You’re always reacting to what a white supremacist has said about you, what they might do to you. You’re always sort of operating in fear. Anybody who’s ever played sports, a lot of brothers, you know, we play – we were athletes, you know. I played basketball, football, track, all these things. And one thing I learned about sports is that you can’t win if you’re always on defense, and you also can’t win if you’re scared. If you’re always scared and you enter a football game with fear, then you’re more likely to be injured, you’re more likely to be hurt. And raise your hand if you’ve ever played football and you know what I’m talkin’ about. If you go in and you’re afraid, like oh my God, I could get paralyzed, I might get hurt, I might twist my ankle, then you’re not gonna do very well, right. So the same thing is true with the political game. If you enter the game with fear, then you’re probably not gonna win very well because it’s hard to negotiate with fear.

“And another example I’ll give you, I told you guys I like poker. Poker’s a fun game for me. It’s a game of strategy, psychology and math. And the thing about poker is that you can never be scared when you’re playin’ poker. If you try to play poker at the highest levels and you’re tryin’ to beat hundreds of people, and I’ve won tournaments with hundreds of people in them before, and one thing about poker is that you have to be balls to the wall ready to die at any moment. You have to be ready to go broke, ready to put it all on the line, like okay, what you gonna do now, right. And sometimes it doesn’t work out. Sometimes it blows up in your face. Sometimes you lose because of that, but you cannot be afraid and still win. So I think that when it comes to this negotiation, the negotiation with white liberals, the negotiation with white Republicans, the negotiation with white supremacy, the negotiation with anybody, the negotiation with the world, we have to have a little more courage. We need a little more testosterone in the room. We need more people that are seeking desire than living off of just fear. Fear can’t be the only thing you react to. You must also react to your possibilities and your desire and your relentless need to pursue your greatest purpose, right.

“So what I’m talkin’ about here, what I’m really talkin’ about here is black excellence. You know, there’s white supremacy on one side, right. Those are maybe the Crips and Bloods or something, right. You’ve got white supremacy over here and you’ve got black excellence over here. And so white supremacy comes along and they kinda dominate. White supremacy dominates black oppression. White supremacy dominates the black victim mentality. White supremacy will always dominate black mediocrity. But when black excellence comes in the room that isn’t operating in fear but is operating in strength and desire and self-belief and self-confidence, then white supremacy cannot typically dominate black excellence. I believe that black excellence is the perfect disinfectant for white supremacy. I believe that nine times outta ten, black excellence kills white supremacy the same way that Clorox bleach can kill the coronavirus.

“So what I’m sayin’ to you is that, again, I’m not talkin’ about everybody. I’m talkin’ about me.

20. [Number 20?] I don’t relate to the Democratic Party because I don’t see very many spaces in there for true black excellence. For black men, black excellence comes in the form of fulfilling your role as a man. Black excellence to me comes in the form of pursuing educational excellence where you’re not just trying to avoid dropping outta school; you’re tryin’ to make straight As. Black excellence comes in the form of economic power, saying like my goal is not just to avoid unemployment. My goal is to build a business that makes millions of dollars so that I can employ other people, right. Black excellence means that I’m not tryin’ to avoid hell; I’m tryin’ to go to the highest heights of heaven. So I believe that the first step toward overcoming any type of oppression, any type of limitation is to stop putting the limitations on yourself and start believin’ in your possibilities and embracing that. I don’t really hear that. What I hear a lotta times when I’m hearing political ads is I hear a lot of doom and gloom. These terrible things are happening to you; we’ll protect you. These horrible things are gonna happen if you don’t vote for us; we’ll protect you.

“That doesn’t resonate with me because I don’t think that’s how you live your best life. I don’t think that’s how, as a community, we’re gonna explore our best existence. I think that that’s how you survive. You’re playin’ strugglenomics, not powernomics. That’s strugglenomics. Strugglenomics is how do I avoid hitting rock bottom, whereas powernomics says how do I compete for my spot at the top. So you must ask yourself what are you aiming for in your life? Are you aiming for the top or are you tryin’ to avoid the bottom? Which one are you doin’? Make a decision. Like, say somethin’ in the chat. Let me know what are you – are you aimin’ for the top or are you tryin’ to avoid the bottom? Some of us are in that position. Sometimes you gotta think about that, right? Like, it’s like football. Sometimes you are in a situation where you’re tryin’ to avoid getting’ sacked in the endzone. You’re on the one-yard line tryin’ to run a play. You gotta avoid getting’ the safety, right? So sometimes you’re in that situation, but then there’s the point where maybe you’re in the red zone and you’re, like, the endzone is ten yards away. I need to figure out how to score a touchdown, right. So black people have to spend more time scoring touchdowns than we spend tryin’ to avoid a safety, right. And maybe because we’re diverse, different people are in different places in their lives and in their mentality, right. So it doesn’t mean all black people are supposed to be the same. I doubt that all Jewish people vote for the same political party. I doubt that all Asian people are Republicans or Democrats, right. So who the hell says that all black people have to be in one party or the other? I think it’s okay for us to spread out. I’m just explaining to you why I as a black man, as a heterosexual black man who believes in family cannot relate to the policies that I see on the left. Let me keep goin’.

21. [Number 21?] What else? Okay. I’m not a fan of the victim mentality. I’m okay with terms like man up. A lotta people tell me that that’s toxic masculinity, [stuff] like that. No. in my experience, manning up was a choice, confidence was a choice. It was a decision I made to decide, you know what, I’m just gonna man up, right. Maybe some people don’t agree. Maybe some people think that some people can’t man up. I mean, if you’re a woman, you gotta woman up, right. But I think it’s a choice, right. And I see that actually a lotta times, even if you look in a lotta black households where a lotta times the mother is runnin’ the household. The unfortunate mistake that I see a lotta times is that there will be a son who doesn’t feel like he has a place in the household if there’s women everywhere, right.

“So the mother will in many cases raise her daughters differently from the way she raises the son. Maybe the son she feels guilty ’cause his daddy ain’t there. Maybe with the son she doesn’t – she can’t control him anymore ’cause he thinks he’s the man of the house or whatever, right. But with the daughters a lotta times, the mothers will be real firm on their daughters. They don’t let their daughters make as many excuses. They’ll tell their – I’ve seen mothers engage with their daughters and tell them to woman up. Like the daughter says, “Mom, my stomach hurts, I’m crampin’, I’m on my cycle.” And the mom will say, “Well, you still gotta wash the dishes,” right, to woman up, you know, stand up straight. What’s on your report card? You need to do better. Stop doin’ that, right. So that mentorship is really, really important because it teaches the little girls to woman up.

“And then when she’s 27, 28 years old lookin’ for a husband, she’s been told to woman up her whole life so she’s at a certain level, but the boy unfortunately in many cases has never – may not have been told to man up. He’s less likely to have been told to man up, where he’s forced by the men around him to reach a higher standard. No, you must be on time. No, you must come through for your kids. No, you must find a way to solve this problem. So he gets there and he’s comin’ up short, right, so he’s 28, she’s 28, she wants to date and marry him, she’s been told to woman up her whole life, he’s never been told to man up because we have a feminized society where we’ve been told that men don’t matter. So as a result, you have a failure in the ultimate transaction that is essential for your survival, the transaction where men and women get together and procreate and build families and everything else. Well, you know, you can’t build an institution when some of the bricks are made out of mashed potatoes. You can’t build a building if some of the bricks are not stable and consistent. So some people are not built for institution building. Some people are not built for sturdy relationships. Some people are not built for sturdy families. So part of being built for those things comes from terms like man up, right.

“I have a 17-year-old that’s in my house. I’m his bonus dad. I’m not his actual dad. You can tell – if you met him, you would tell instantly ’cause he’s about 6’6″. Now, his daddy is 6’6″ just like him. So – and I’m not his daddy, but I’m a mentor. I’m there, I run this house, this is my house, right. So we have an understanding in terms of how this house is going to be run, but I know I’m not his daddy. So when we had times where he wasn’t manning up, you know, he was doing some stuff that teenagers do, maybe sleepin’ a little bit too long, showin’ up late for things, not really coming through as a man, well, guess what happened. I reached out to his daddy and I said let’s get together and have a talk with him. And we told the women to leave. We told his mama, no, you can’t participate in this discussion. We’re gonna talk to him and we’re going to challenge him to man up.

“Well, when we got together and I’m talkin’ on one side from my perspective, he’s talkin’ on his side from his perspective, well guess what. He’s triangulating into what manhood actually looks like, so he’s walkin’ away with an understanding of what a man is supposed to do. A lotta men struggle with manhood because they don’t even know what the [heck] a man’s supposed to do. So they watch a rap video and they see a rapper holdin’ his nuts, drinkin’ out of a liquor bottle with 25 gold chains drivin’ a Lamborghini, havin’ sex with everything that moves and throwin’ his money away, they think, oh, that must be what manhood looks like, so you get a lotta little boys who are in grown man skin but incredibly, incredibly insecure. Very insecure and have no clue what manhood looks like. They have no clue how manhood relates to how you take care of children. They have no clue about how manhood relates to your reliability as a human being. Nobody ever taught them these things because maybe they grew up with a mom who just kept makin’ excuses for them.

“But it’s okay, though. It doesn’t mean it’s the mother’s fault because I’m a believer. And again, this is why I’m just not – I don’t fit with the whole white liberal agenda. I’m a believer that women and men are different. I’m a believer that the best thing a lotta mothers are able to do is others are natural nurturers and givers of life. When my mother raised me, my mother was always the one who would coddle me and tell me it was gonna be okay, and hey, baby, you want somethin’ to eat, and she would take care of me. She didn’t do what my father did. My father was the one who said man up. My father was the one who said no excuses. My father was the one who said get up off your [butt] and go make it happen, right. And so I believe the terms like man up, as much as people wanna say that’s bad, that’s toxic masculinity or let the little boy cry. Well, when you get these […] 30-year-old black men who only know how to walk around and cry about their problems, well then they’re perfect agents for white supremacy. Like, seriously.

“All you hear is you see people – I watched this thing last night where they had one of these guys – I’m not gonna say his name, but I want to but I’m not goin’ to. But he was talkin’ about, you know, how he’s so offended that Trump is a mean person and another guy was talkin’ about how hard racism is, and then I was like sittin’ there just crackin’ up like these guys are not ready for war. These guys will never defeat white supremacy because all they know how to do is sit and whine and cry and talk about how sad they are to be black men and how somebody hurt their feelings, and they have no idea how competition and warfare actually occurs. They have no idea. They just – they’re totally clueless. And I believe that you have to have black men that understand how warfare and competition works so that they can actually achieve the things that they’re trying to achieve.

“So one of the things I liked about Ice Cube’s approach – I use him as an example because that’s the most prominent example for this election. I like his approach because he was just kinda like I don’t care if you like me, I don’t care if you’re my friend. And I remember I asked – I said are you good. You know, I said people are comin’ at you pretty hard. Are you okay with that? Maybe he cared and didn’t tell me, but I really got the impression that he truly didn’t [care]. He did not care, right. Because when you’re really representing what you believe in and representing the people that you care about, you just don’t care. And I recognize that because my father has that same instinct. My father is a person who literally – if he thinks you’re going to harm his family or exploit him or his family in some way, he has no problem abruptly interrupting the conversation, cussing you out and putting you outta his house. No problem at all. There is no, like, oh, I hurt your feelings or we’re not friends anymore. It doesn’t matter. You don’t deserve to be my friend anymore.

“And so you see some of that maybe coming out in me. Like with this whole political thing, I’ve seen people say things and get mad and misclassify me, use propaganda, tell lies. Well, Dr. Boyce is tellin’ black people what to do and not to vote and all that. I don’t care. I just don’t care because I’m fighting for something. And when you’re fighting, you’re not gonna make friends with the other side, right. So if you – so just so you know, if you’re a person that’s mad at me, just – you know, you can go to another place and complain because I just truly don’t care. If I cared, I woulda stopped doin’ this but I haven’t stopped because I just don’t care. So let me keep goin’.

22. [Number 22?] Here’s my other reasons I don’t relate to the Democratic Party. I don’t trust failed school systems that are run by white people. I do not believe they are the best way to educate black children. The data has supported this. If you look at black educational progress in these white-run liberal school systems, it is absolutely atrocious. It is a complete abomination, it is a complete state of emergency, it is very, very sad. So those billions of dollars that are being given to white people to educate black people need to be given to black people so they can educate black people. I have no problem saying that black children need to be educated by black people in order to receive the love and support that they need. So if you wanna help black people educationally, don’t build better white schools, don’t build better public schools. Take that $1 trillion, give it to black people, let us educate our own damn kids. We’ve been doin’ it since COVID started, so we have plenty of practice.

“I believe that Hollywood uses media to feminize the black male and demonize those who do not submit. If you watch most Hollywood movies, they will have the LGBT person, in many cases they will be black, they will make that person the hero so that you love the hero, and then they’ll have the person do something really gay so you’ll associate their sexuality with who they are as a person, right. So you’ll say, oh, he’s a hero. I identify, I relate to the hero, I’m rooting for the hero. And then suddenly the hero will go kiss another dude and then they’re like we got your [six]. We’ve created a Pavlovian association, Pavlovian meaning Pavlov’s dog. Pavlov had a dog. He was an Italian guy, I think, who had a dog where he wanted to train the dog to associate a bell, the ringing of a bell with eating food. So every time he fed him, he would ring the bell, right. Every time he fed him, the dog would hear the bell. So then he got to the point where he could ring the bell and the dog would think, oh, it’s time to eat, it’s time to eat, right, because he associated the bell with the food.

“So Hollywood is really slick with this. They like to associate sexuality with quality traits of a human being. They won’t have the LGBT guy be the villain. They will have them be the hero so that you’ll see the hero go kiss another dude and you’ll say, oh, well these are all good people, right. I’m not sayin’ it’s bad or good; I’m just pointin’ it out so you know what it is. So those who don’t submit to that tend to get demonized. So the masculine heterosexual black male is typically defined as a Bill Cosby-like kinda figure, right. You look at the imagery that they use to show Bill Cosby, it’s usually very messed up, disheveled, lookin’ crazy, lookin’ ugly, lookin’ terrible, lookin’ toxic, right. And that’s a deliberate effort to reduce him from America’s dad to America’s demon, right. And then – but then you see images of Billy Porter, the images are wonderful, he’s looking magnificent, wearing big flowery dresses and big hats and gorgeous and people in the back say you go girl, right. Billy Porter becomes the hero, Bill Cosby becomes the villain because they’re makin’ a statement and they’re hoping that you’re dumb enough to fall for that. And my job as a scholar and as a thinker and as an advisor to you is to let you see what I’m seeing so that you can then make a decision about which part of that message that you’re willing to internalize. Let’s keep goin’.

“Next, the other reason I don’t relate to the Democratic Party or white liberals is that I want my kids to know more about Marcus Darby and Dr. Claude Anderson than they know about the white heroes they see on TV. You go to school, you’re consistently indoctrinated into white supremacy because they’re tellin’ you all about everything from the American Revolution to the literature renaissance that happened in France in 1745, but they don’t spend – in all those hours, thousands – tens of thousands of hours they spend with your children in school, they don’t even take one second to mention Marcus Darby, one of the greatest human beings in the history of this country. You have many HBCUs. Howard University, I have to call out Howard on this. Howard University, an HBCU now has been right down the street from Dr. Claude Anderson for 40 years – 30 or 40 years. And out of all the white people they’ve had come speak on campus, all the unqualified people they’ve had come speak on campus, all the Asian people, all the Arab people, all the white, black, everything else come to campus, they’ve never once had Dr. Claude Anderson come there and speak. Not one single time. And here Dr. Claude Anderson wrote the book Powernomics that literally is changing the trajectory of this entire election. Literally.

“Kanye West was tweeting Powernomics as his inspiration to speak on issues that relate to the black community. Charlamagne _____ was schooled on Powernomics and had Dr. Claude Anderson on the breakfast club because Powernomics had such an impact on him. And then he and Tiffany Haddish and some other people, they flew down to Dr. Anderson’s house on a private jet to meet with him because his – Dr. Anderson became almost like the mecca – his hoe was the mecca where they wanted to go to visit the godfather to talk to him about the keys and the secrets to understanding white supremacy and black economics that they never understood as children. When Ice Cube was goin’ and challengin’ the Democratic and Republican Parties, he was speaking with Dr. Claude Anderson and citing Powernomics as one of the foundational principles upon which he was moving forward with his agenda and the contract with black America.

“Now, I understand why there are people who are not in alignment with the views of a book like a Powernomics. I get that, right. This is a competition. If I’m wearin’ a Lakers uniform, there’s somebody else who’s gonna be wearin’ a Nuggets uniform, somebody else is gonna wear, you know, a Dallas Mavericks uniform, right. We’re not all on the same team, but I think it’s very important to make sure you’re clear about who’s on your team and who isn’t, right. So people who can’t even acknowledge – not validate, not agree with, but can’t even acknowledge something as impactful as Powernomics, which has been all over the media in this election cycle, as a reflection and a representation of the views of many black men and women who are seeking true economic solutions, anybody who can’t even acknowledge that cannot be your friend. That cannot be your […] friend. How are you my friend when millions of black people are talking about something like Powernomics and you haven’t even uttered it as a word. Like, you have – you will talk about all the [stuff] under the sun, every stupid thing known to man, every ridiculous worthless idea, every repetitive nonsensical solution like get your booty to the polls and if you don’t vote you don’t count and let’s all go do the same thing we did in the last ten elections, right.

“Like, you could talk about all that stuff that doesn’t even work, but the one thing that people believe in that actually does show some progress, you can’t even have a meeting. Like, you can’t even have a little conversation. You can’t even say, well, let’s just have this man bring the ideas to the table so we can at least see if this is somethin’ that might help our people do a little bit better. Those people are not your friends. I mean, you tell me how can they be your friend if they’re not seeking under every rock to find a solution that’s gonna benefit you and are simply asking you to engage in the same repetitive process that put you in the same predicament that you’re in right now? This is one plus one is two. This is not calculus, folks. This is not complex high-level mathematics. You don’t need a PhD to understand this. You don’t even need to graduate from high school. A seven-year-old could get this. Mommy, I touched the stove and it makes my fingers hot. Yeah, baby, don’t touch the stove no more. Mommy, I ate cookies and cookies are good. Yeah, that’s because cookies have sugar. Like, babies can understand this basic logic. It’s like that literally that Level 1 logic such that if you don’t get that, then that means that you’re determined to be as ignorant as you can possibly be.

“So I don’t hang out with people that wanna stay ignorant. I don’t hang out with people that wanna stay in the same place. I don’t hang out with people that wanna keep doin’ the same thing. If we ain’t movin’ this train forward, dog, then we can’t even – then we ain’t talkin’ no more. You wastin’ my life. Let me keep goin’. Please hit the thumbs up button. Please hit the thumbs up button. I’m almost done. I got three more things. So this is my list of 22 reasons why the Democratic Party does not relate to me as a heterosexual black male.

“Next, I don’t like Antifa either, and I wasn’t happy when they were puttin’ bricks through people’s windows. When all those protests started happening, I didn’t have a problem with the protests, but I didn’t like it when random white people from nowhere come into the community wearin’ gas masks and whatever and well-organized with trucks full of bricks and they’re goin’ through and bustin’ windows and burnin’ down buildings on our behalf. That wasn’t really on our behalf. That felt like it was part of a larger organized agenda. I didn’t like it. I don’t wanna be a Communist. I don’t wanna be a Marxist. I don’t wanna be a socialist. And I’ll tell you where I really hip to this is in south side Chicago, near the University of Chicago, that’s a pretty heavy hotbed for socialism, right. And it’s nothin’ against it. There’s some good ideas in socialism. I just don’t wanna be a socialist, right. But just like there’s good ideas in capitalism but I don’t wanna be a hard-core capitalist. I’m black first, which means I’d rather specifically design an ideology that’s uniquely created to solve our specific problems. That’s how I think. So I’m not anti-capitalism or anti-socialism; I just don’t wanna be in bed full time with either one.

“So anyway, a guy from the socialist communist community here in Chicago calls me and tells me that they’re havin’ – he says Cornell West told me to reach out to you. I said, yeah, Cornell West is a quality individual. I love this man. What do you need? How can I help you? He said, well, he told me that you’d be a great person for us to work with on this rally we wanna have to support Mike Brown and the shooting. I’m, like, okay, I’m down. Let’s do it. I’m there. So I go to the rally and then – and we do our thing and they’re, like, yeah, this is inappropriate and the police and, you know, it’s fine. So then I come to one of their meetings and then I start seeing where I’m being given all this Communist propaganda. I’m being given, you know, these Communist newspapers and they’re callin’ each other comrade, and I’m just like, okay, well this is more than I signed – I didn’t sign up for all this [stuff] now, but whatever. I’m not offended. I’ll just – I’m not offended if you give me somethin’. I’ll just throw it in the trash. So I threw it in the trash and went home.

“Next thing I know, this dude is callin’ me and pressuring me to give all this money for these Communist causes that had nothing to do with the original cause that brought me in in the first place. And I’m a pretty polite guy on the phone I think, probably too nice sometimes, but this [upset me]. I was with my family, trying to do something with my family. I’m, like, man, you had me on the phone 30 minutes and you tryin’ to pressure me and bully me into givin’ you a bunch of money. I said don’t call me no more. Goodbye. And that was my first engagement with how they will use something – they will use your trauma, they will use your suffering as a segue to basically get in your drawers. That’s what it is. They’re no different from a dude who said, you know, you got your baby, they’re like, oh, that’s a cute baby. That’s like ga-ga-goo-goo and he’s really tryin’ to have sex with you. They’re tryin’ to basically get you pregnant with all these other things that you don’t want, all their little ideological STDs. They’re tryin’ to infect you with their coronavirus by basically using what your vulnerability point is because black people are full of insecurities and vulnerabilities, full of windows of opportunity for others to infiltrate into that space to get you to take on the bigger package and to become part of their army.

“So they might refer to this as some sorta partnership or integration, but really it is an occupation. It is a different kind of colonization. I don’t wanna be colonized. I wanna be independent. I wanna be free. And I don’t trust these people. They lie, they’ll steal, they’ll kill, they’ll do anything to support and promote their agenda. I want no part of any of that. I don’t wanna be a part of that. I just wanna build with my people and do something good before I’m old and dead. That’s what I wanna do. So count me out. So I told him to go to hell.

“Next, what else? This is the last two things on my list. I don’t believe that an eight-year-old should be allowed to decide to change their gender. I don’t believe when Charlize Theron has two little black African boys she adopted and then says these are my two daughters, and it’s National Daughter’s Day, I literally wanted to go to her house and kick her in the nuts. I literally was like what is this [junk]. I don’t understand any of this. So you mean both of the boys wanna be girls? Both of them? And they’re, like, seven. Should you be in jail for that? Like, that – people can do that? I mean, I was floored by that. And so I’m not even in a position where I’m even allowed to necessarily give my full perspective or tell somebody what to do, but that [stuff] don’t seem normal to me. Where I come from, that’ snot normal behavior. There’s no amount of liberty, freedom and expression that fits with this idea that you adopt two black boys and then suddenly they’re your daughters. They weren’t daughters when they came to your house. That defies logic. I don’t get that. So again, this is not me attacking anyone. It’s me saying I don’t understand that, I’m not down with that, I’m not gonna vote for that, I don’t wanna participate in that because where I come from, that almost feels like a type of molestation. That almost feels like child abuse. But I’m not even gonna go as far as necessarily saying all that. I’m just gonna say I believe what I believe, you believe, and I’m not never gonna let – I’m never gonna sign the papers that allow you to adopt any black child ever again. But you’ll probably never ask my opinion and that’s okay.

“Last piece is – and this is big. I believe black people need to own more businesses so we don’t have to work for white people anymore. So another reason I don’t get along with the Democrats is because you always talk about jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we do need jobs, but I believe that the people who are creating the jobs, we need more black job creators so that black people have the option of working for other black people if they choose to go get a job. I’m tired of this paternalism that says we’re not gonna give you any money, but we’re gonna give ourselves more money so we can do things for you, right. I don’t need a middleman when it comes to gettin’ what I need. I don’t need a middleman for my resources. I’m not a child. We have a ten-year-old, and if somebody wants to give money to the ten-year-old, I would stand up and say, no, no, no, no, don’t give it to her. Give it to me and then I’ll make sure that she gets what she needs. I’ll do that with a ten-year-old, but I’m not gonna do that with a [grown] man or [grown] woman.

“So this idea that you’re gonna give yourself – you’re gonna give other white people billions of dollars so they can create more jobs, so they can hire black people and bring us into their – whatever form of slavery they have at their particular corporation, I’m not a fan of any of that. That doesn’t sit well with me. I’m not – that’s not – no, I don’t – so that’s not a core belief or an ideology I can relate to, and so therefore, you can do what you wanna do. I’m just not – I’m done with that. I’m not interested, I’m not supporting any of that. And so if you wanna call me a Trump supporter because I’m not voting Democratic, that’s fine. I can actually point to you why that logic is yet another form of slavery that you’re implying that my vote belongs to the Democrats. So if I take my vote away from the Democrats, I’m automatically supporting the Republicans. That right there is a form of very disturbing white supremacy because you’re assuming as a black man that I’m owned by a white man and that when I free myself, that I’m somehow giving support to another white man when, no, if I never gave my support to anybody, then no one’s allowed to take my support for granted.

“That’s a little piece – that’s a very subtle piece of liberation talk, a little piece of freedom ideology that a lotta people won’t understand. They won’t get that, right. So I don’t try to explain it to everybody. I just say, okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, call me a Trump – call me whatever you want. If they want my vote, it is for sale. They can buy votes from black people; they just have to deliver true tangibles, true resources. If you can’t deliver tangibles and if you can’t deliver resources, if you can’t even utter the word operations, then that’s okay. Don’t get mad. We’ll just – we’ll vote – maybe we’ll vote for you next time, right. Maybe next time we’ll get our booty to the polls because you took your booty to the bank and you wrote a [big check] to get our booties to the polls. Our booties are not free. So that’s just how I see it. I’m not tellin’ anybody else what to believe, but that’s just what it is.

“So do me a favor before you bounce out, hit the thumbs up button, hit the share button, hit the subscribe button. Also feel free – two things. One, you can text the word Boyce to 31996 if you wanna get notifications when I go live. We’re doin’ a lotta cool stuff with, and I hope you guys are getting value from all the things we’re doin’. We’re doin’ a ton of stuff economically and otherwise. We are very solution oriented. Our solutions are working. I believe that we played a big part in why all the rappers are now talkin’ about ownership and economics and everything else. Like, I believe we’re right in the middle of this. I’m really excited about that. Also, if you haven’t learned about stock yet in terms of tangible solutions that you can apply that’s gonna help your family, there’s a URL you can go to. You get free information from the black business school and also you can learn about your first share of stock for free by going to There’s the URL right there, And also if you wanna follow me on Instagram, there’s my Instagram. It’s therealboycewatkins, so feel free to follow me on the gram if you want to.

“I’m losin’ a lotta friends because of this election, so – but it’s great because when you lose the bad friends, you get a chance to make some new ones and some good ones, and so anybody who’s offended by what I have to say, if you’re in there and you’re just mad because you feel like – you feel differently, that’s okay. You can unfriend me because every time someone – I have a waiting list that’s this long of people that wanna friend me on my Facebook page. So whenever somebody unfriends me, I’m actually quite happy because that way we can find a better match. My goal is not to relate to all people. All lives don’t matter to me. I’m not an all lives matter kinda guy, so my goal is not to relate to all people. My goal is to relate to my people. So if you’re not – if we’re not the same people, then that’s okay. You go relate to somebody else. I’m gonna relate to my people because my goal is to mobilize and to strengthen the minds of the people who get what I’m saying so that we can go out here and we can kick [butt]. I want us to be more powerful than the Jewish community is right now. Like, I want us, our little pocket of black people, to literally be so powerful, so well informed, so intelligent, so strategic, so capable that when we step in the room, we will dominate any form of white supremacy because we got black excellence right there in the backpack. So Beyonce carries hot sauce in her bag. I carry black excellence in my bag. So let’s be excellent and let’s believe in ourselves, and let’s not take any [junk] from anybody because you are meant to win. So go out here and win, black people. I love you, I’m outta here, I’m gonna go spend time with my kids for Halloween. I got this cool mask where I dress as an old white man. I call him Hubert P. Rothenstein III, and so I’m gonna take a video of it and I’ll show you guys. I did one on my Instagram. I’ll do another one a little bit later. So I’m about to go have some fun and forget all the serious stuff, so I hope this helps you. Have a good day everybody. Love you. I’ll see you soon.”